Wednesday, May 24, 2017

With Everybody Going Green, Vintage Bulbs are Still Hot, Literally and Figuratively Speaking!

Antique, Edison Retro, Nostalgic, or Vintage Bulb, whatever you call them, they are still being used today.

The reproduction of Thomas Edison's first light bulb is quite old and plain, but the exposed-filament bulbs are being used in many restaurants and diners across the globe. Their antique glow has spread like wild fire and is said to be an important part of the décor because it echoes candlelight and flatters both the diner and dinner. These antique bulbs also tap into the popular Victorian Industrial look, retro-chic.

A lot of thought and expense goes into lighting eateries. Upscale budgets easily reach six figures — because it can shape a diner’s experience almost as much as the food. But these antique bulbs, though less efficient than fluorescent or LEDs, can build an ambience at a cost.

With everybody going green, these bulb are still hot, literally and figuratively speaking! Even though they use a lot of energy, they are being sought-after, not only for restaurants and diners, but also for home décor. The demand is said to be high enough that even retailers like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie sell them for a pretty penny.

Just like bell bottoms (or flare pants, or widelegs, whichever name you choose), nothing ever goes out of style.

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