Wednesday, May 17, 2017

11 Essentials to Have Before Severe Weather Hits

Being prepared with the most accurate forecast is essential, but sometimes mother nature sneaks up on us without warning.

We've seen severe, and well, weird weather in this country over the years. From strong wind storms, to sleet and hail, to tornadoes, even a few feet of snow. Let us not forget the arctic temperatures leaving cars and buildings encrusted in ice. Then there's the brush fires, earthquakes, mudslides, and flooding to deal with. No matter where you live, you've probably dealt with a few of these at one point or another.

We can't always predict the weather, but we can be prepared when we know what's coming our way.

Are you storm and emergency ready?

At a minimum, you should have these 11 basic emergency supplies listed below:

- Water: 3-day supply for evacuation/2-weeks for home
- Non-perishable Food: 3-day supply for evacuation/2-weeks supply for home
- Clothing: including a jacket or coat, long pants, a long sleeve shirt, sturdy shoes/sneakers, hat and gloves, and a sleeping bag or warm blankets for each person
- LED Flashlights: LED Flashlights offer very bright light, last forever and require few battery changes.
- Battery-powered or Hand-crank Radio
- Extra Batteries: This is a no-brainer! Spare batteries are important for your weather radios, flashlights, you name it.
- First Aid Kit: Available at the Red Cross Store or any retail establishment.
- Charged Cell Phone (with charger)
- Medications (at least a 7-day supply)
- Multi-purpose Tool
- Duct Tape: Universal fix-it solution

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