Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bug Light: Doing Double Duty

You know the advantages of switching to LEDs for brilliant, energy-saving lighting. Now you can buy an LED that zaps those pesky insects as well.

With recent concerns about Zika-carrying mosquitos, keeping bugs away is more important than ever. But no one wants to feel confined to the indoors.

Our bug-zapping LED fits into any standard socket and offers:
  500 square feet of protection against insects
  Bright light (3500K)
   40,000 hours average rated life

Best of all, these bulbs are free of chemicals and toxins that could harm the health of your family. They’re odor-free, easy to clean, and simple to install.

Don’t let bugs ruin your outdoor gatherings! Pick up your LED Bugzapper today – and save energy for years to come.

Don’t Miss Our Holiday Savings!

What better stocking-stuffers than light bulbs? We’ve created two new ways for you to shop right from our home page:

Some of these products are no longer being manufactured and we’re selling off our stock at fantastic discounts. First come, first served – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Here are just a few of the products you can pick up at great discounts:
  •         100A/Y/RP yellow incandescent bug lights ($1.61 each)
  •         75R40/SP Phillips 75-watt flood lights ($2.66 each)
  •         VentureII-SB1880S safety glasses ($2.60 each)
  •       1157NA amber lights for transportation applications (less than $1.50 each)
  •         FCS-FR frosted filament bulbs for Bell and Howell and Canon projectors ($3.45 each)
  •         FPA-Titan Osram 65-watt flood lights ($3.45 each)

Get that holiday shopping done early – and save with our seasonal specials! Call us today at Bulb Direct (800-772-5267). 

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