Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bon Voyage, Connie Taylor

Spending more time with her grandkids, going on a cruise and taking a trip to Myrtle Beach. That’s what awaits Connie Taylor, Director of Operations, after she retires later this year.

Connie has been with Bulb Direct just shy of 29 years. In fact, she’s the only employee still here who was employed at PSC Lamps, the precursor to Bulb Direct. She has remained with the company since its inception in January of 1988.

“There’s been a lot of change over the years,” says Connie. “We used to do much of our business with schools, supplying bulbs for overhead and slide projectors. We also supported the projectors in movie theaters that ran advertising slideshows, back when Kodak supplied those projectors.” All that has changed with the switch to LCD projectors.

The technology has advanced as well. “In the early days, CFLs, which were used more in Europe, were just making inroads here, and they were very expensive,” adds Connie. “Now they’re very inexpensive, and LEDs are the new big thing.” In addition to schools, Bulb Direct now sells specialty bulbs to medical establishments, hospitals, and universities.

Connie has been married for 46 years to Tom Taylor, who retired from Bulb Direct in August after working part-time for a couple years. “Tom and I worked together, had lunch together, and drove together to and from work every day, so it’s not like we’ll be spending more time with one another. But I will miss the people at Bulb Direct and the chance to get out of the house regularly. Maybe now I can turn off the alarm clock and finish up a few quilts I started ages ago!”

We’re wishing Connie the very best of times as she moves on to retirement… and certainly hope she’ll stop in for lunch once in a while!

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