Friday, July 1, 2016

Employee Spotlight: Nan Rosario

If you ever have a chance to visit our warehouse, you’ll be sure to run into Nan Rosario in the shipping department. You’ll know her by a signature red pen stuck in her hair, her easy smile, and the fact that she rarely sits down.

Nan joined Bulb Direct just over a year ago and brings more than a decade of shipping experience from places such as Hickey-Freeman and Connection Technology Center in Fishers, NY. She also worked at Kodak in customer service for a few years.

“I somehow developed a knack for shipping,” she says, “and I keep gravitating to it. I do the same tasks every day, but no two days are ever the same. Best of all, I get to do my own thing.”

Although her job may sound simple – fulfilling orders and packing boxes – she had to learn where more than 14,000 products were located. Color coding and consistent numbering helped, and within a couple weeks, she got comfortable with the inventory system and product line.

Nan likes working independently and appreciates the small, family atmosphere at Bulb Direct. “I have a lot of food allergies, and the people around here are sensitive to that,” she says. “At our St. Patrick’s Day luncheon, everybody prepared dishes I could eat. It was a rare treat to be able to try everything on the table rather than examining the dishes and asking questions.”

As an Activities Day Leader in her church, Nan loves interacting with young girls and helping out with missionary work. She also enjoys spending time with her nine grandchildren and watching chick flicks. Her favorite movie is “Secretariat,” which she claims to have seen at least 100 times.

In her spare time, Nan gardens with her husband, planting an array of vegetables and flowers, and feeds her ice cream habit whenever possible. 

Bulb Direct offers a wide variety of light bulbs and specializes in hard-to-find items. Give us a call at 800-772-5267. 

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