Wednesday, June 1, 2016

LEDs at Downton Abbey

If you’re going through Downton Abbey withdrawal after its final episode earlier this year, rest assured the real Downton Abbey is doing just fine—and is keeping up with the latest in energy technology.

Highclere Castle in Britain, where Downton was filmed, is going green. One can only imagine the rebuttals of the Dowager Countess of Grantham, played by Maggie Smith. If she struggled with the advent of telephones, the LEDs and solar panels that are being installed at the estate might have put her in a tailspin for weeks.

Imagine the challenge of changing lighting in some 300 rooms, plus various cottages around the property, many of which need rewiring. Interestingly, Highclere was one of the first big homes to install electricity. And Highclere isn’t the only estate to consider ways to be more energy efficient.

Upton House has replaced oil burners with wood pellet boilers, an ironic move, given that Upton was financed with oil money. Croft Castle also replaced it oil-based system, opting to burn wood chips from local trees, which are in abundance. Newydd mansion in Wales insulated its roof and has installed solar panels in a nearby sports field.

LEDs are just one way these amazing structures are dealing with spiraling energy costs. To read the full articleincluding how the White House recently installed solar panelsclick here.

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