Friday, January 1, 2016

Why Bulb Direct Works

With competition from online resources ever increasing, we’re sometimes asked how we make it work. Randy Golisano, Marketing Specialist and Purchasing Manager, answered this question in a single word: “Teamwork!”

Randy has been with Bulb Direct for two years and has been learning all along from those who have been here decades longer. “I came with experience in banking and retail, but much of what I know now came from those who have much more experience in this industry,” he says. “With that foundation in place, I was able to move the company more into the world of web-based marketing.”

Since Randy has been on board, Bulb Direct has embraced social media, email campaigns, and traditional printed materials as effective ways to stay in touch with customers and educate them about the company’s expertise. “We realized we served vastly different markets and they all had their needs,” says Randy. “Now we do specialized campaigns to address the lighting requirements of churches, the medical industry, projection, and many more.”

Social media has proved especially effective. Bulb Direct used to outsource some of its content development, but Randy now produces all if it. “I do a lot of Internet research, and it all pointed toward increasing connections with customers. We wanted to engage with our customers, and the best way to do it was to develop sound social media strategies to serve them better,” he adds.

Randy has been impressed by how everyone at Bulb Direct pitches in to play multiple roles. Not only does this ensure good backup for all company tasks, but it helps everyone feel more responsible to the company and dedicated to the customer base.

Randy learned early on that working for a small company has its perks… and its trials. “I was here just a month before Halloween,” he says. “People said I could dress up, so I showed up in as Top Gun pilot - and I was the only one in costume!”

Do you have specialized lighting needs? Contact Bulb Direct’s dedicated staff of support specialists at 800-772-5267, or check out our website.

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