Monday, November 2, 2015

In the Spotlight: Customer Service

When you call Bulb Direct for assistance, you’re likely to speak with Kayla Blasiak. She’s been a Customer Relations Specialist here for the past two years and brings with her a background in banking and retail.

Kayla is just one of our employees who exemplifies a strong commitment to serving customers. If she can’t help with your problem, she’ll call you back after she does the necessary research. With all the changes in bulb technology and product offerings, lighting solutions can get complicated fast, especially when you’re looking for specialty items.

Kayla enjoys working in a B2B environment because it gives her the opportunity to partner with customers. “In this job, I get to help people figure out what they need,” she says. “Plus it’s easy to stand behind the products we sell because we stock only reputable name brands from companies we check out carefully. That makes all the difference.”

When you call Bulb Direct, you always talk to a person who will direct your call. You won’t find yourself trapped in an automated message loop that insists your call is important! Neither will you be routed to someone a half world away or escalated to higher levels of call representatives.

Our Customer Relations Specialists are trained thoroughly and share vital information so they all can answer your questions and provide the support you deserve. At Bulb Direct, we’re not satisfied until we help you make the most informed and economical decision.

In addition to her customer relations duties, Kayla chips in to handle month-end financials and walk-in customers. “It’s part of what we do at Bulb Direct,” she says. “We work together like a family. Everyone takes on additional responsibilities so we have good backup, greater expertise, and the chance to develop a broader skill set.”

Kayla Blasiak: Customer Relations Specialist

Bulb Direct personalizes your bulb shopping experience with an experienced team of support specialists. Give us a call today at 800-772-5267 or check out our website.


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