Monday, July 13, 2015

Lighting For Your Health

We’ve already published a blog post about how light therapy can help improve your mood. Now lighting companies are finding new ways light can improve your health. GE recently announced that it will produce an LED bulb that changes colors. The different lighting will help to produce a more natural sleep cycle by producing light that matches natural circadian rhythm, with more blue tones in the morning to suppress melatonin and amber light at night to help users fall asleep. All of this will be automated through Apple’s HomeKit and bulbs should be available later this year.

Another connected bulb is the Silk lighting system. This bulb also boasts a design that promotes a natural circadian rhythm. This bulb will match the sun’s own color shift throughout the day and automatically calculates the perfect color temperature for the time of day. This connected bulb can be controlled through a mobile device, but can also be controlled through a traditional light switch.
Lighting Science Group also manufactures bulbs for specific times of day. The company not only believes that this type of biological lighting is better for  a person’s health, but also advocates for a change in the lighting industry. The company wants to warn consumers about the health consequences of being exposed to light at the wrong time of the day.

Another option is a full spectrum bulb, which spans all the colors and can imitate natural daylight. To learn more about full spectrum bulbs, visit our website. We also post more lighting industry trends on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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