Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Importance of STEM Education in the Lighting Industry

At Bulb Direct, we are always following the latest lighting news and we’ve recently been reading about STEM education in the lighting industry. STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math degrees are imperative to the future of our industry and pave the way for innovation.

Students at UC Davis take a hands-on approach to lighting design in preparation for the California Lighting Technology Center competition. The center focuses on accelerating the development and commercialization of energy-efficient lighting and daylighting technologies. Students at UC Davis spend a quarter working with OLEDs to design new types of lighting, such as improved music stand lighting or reading lights integrated into furniture.

Competitions such as these not only help inspire students, but can also lead to future jobs. Competitions are judged by representatives from companies which allow students to interact and showcase their skills to possible future employers.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Manufacturer Spotlight: USHIO

There are good reasons why certain products become household names. We thought you’d like to learn about some of the companies that supply our bulbs. Let’s start with USHIO.

USHIO, Inc. was founded in Japan in 1964 and is Japan’s leading developer of high-quality light sources and systems. USHIO America dates to 1967 and serves a global market, with a focus on discharge and halogen lighting. The firm specializes in industrial lighting and partners with other innovative companies to move the lighting industry into the future and meet the varied needs of its customers.

USHIO is a medium-sized company that can both respond to the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers and maintain systems that offer advanced design and production capabilities. When it comes to manufacturing processes, USHIO is committed to delivering exceptional consistency in its product line, even when producing large volumes.

The company prides itself on being a one-stop resource for consumers. USHIO has developed aftermarket programs to support niche markets and the distributors that sell to them. A visit to the USHIO website reveals that the firm offers a broad range of general and specialty lighting products.

USHIO is committed to a strong environmental policy by meeting or exceeding environmental regulations. As recently as 2007, two of its California locations earned stringent ISO certification for Environmental Management Systems. In 2013, USHIO launched a Quality Assurance Center for its medical products to meet the recent ISO 13484 international standard that demands extra compliance in that industry. The company clearly practices what it preaches.

Our relationship with USHIO dates to 1988. We are a member of USHIO’s Emerald Club, which provides marketing and branding support. “USHIO has the best customer service of our major vendors,” says Randy Golisano, Marketing Specialist and Head of Purchasing for Bulb Direct. “They are friendly, engaging, and responsive to any changes in pricing or availability of their products. Their quality is consistently top notch.”

To learn more about USHIO’s product line, visit their website.

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