Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Advancements in LED Technology

Last year, the creators of the blue LED light were honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics. According to the article, Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura all contributed to creating the blue light emitting diode (LED) in the early 1990s. Previously, red and green LEDs existed however it was the discovery of the blue light that made it possible to produce white light when placed alongside the red and green diodes.

LED bulbs offer an array of benefits over traditional incandescent bulbs, including being more energy efficient, lasting up to 30 years, and providing a brighter light. This makes LEDs ideal, not only for home and office use, but also for automotive applications and screens for mobile devices.

Now, the United Nations has declared 2015 The Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. This means that companies are working on developing new LED technologies and the global LED market is expected to experience growth in 2015. Additionally, new technology is helping to make the LED market more viable with bulbs like Cree has developed that allow for more efficient light conversion to further reduce the number of bulbs necessary.

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