Monday, May 19, 2014

Options for Outdoor Lighting This Summer

After a long, harsh winter, most of us just want to get outside and enjoy some warmer weather—especially during the working hours. If you own a space that has outdoor areas, then you know how the spring and summer brings the best in business.

However, you’re probably also aware that nothing is worse than running out of bulbs or other lighting related products when you need them most. From a little light to help customers up a path or brightening up your storefront on warm summer nights, we know there are a lot of choices to make—and options at your fingertips.

To help ease the load, we’re breaking down lighting options you won’t want to leave off of your shopping list this season:

We offer a wide array of low-voltage outdoor light bulbs (including flood and spot bulbs) from all the biggest names in the industry, including Osram Sylvania, GE, USHIO, EiKO, and Philips.

Nothing says summer like swimming pools—make sure to have plenty of extra pool bulbs handy, and check out this previous blog on how to swap them out!

A big selection of flashlights and flashlight accessories from big names such as MagLite and STREAMLIGHT.

BATTERIES (Because it’s important to back up those flashlights and other fixtures!)
High-quality Duracell ProCell and Duracell Ultra Batteries in all shapes and sizes including AA, AAA, AAAA, D, C, 6V, and N.

At Bulb Direct, we like to remind our customers that the perfect time to stock up on all your outdoor lighting needs is before the season gets rolling—and we’re also the perfect place to do all your outdoor lighting shopping in bulk. So make sure to visit the Bulb Direct website and stock up on outdoor lighting products!

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