Monday, February 10, 2014

The Biggest Lighting Breakthroughs from CES 2014

The International Consumer Electronics Show brings together the biggest names in technology every year to celebrate innovation and ideas. From January 7 to 10, industry leaders gathered in Las Vegas, which served as the place to showcase the latest in consumer technologies.

We already know 2014 is going to be an interesting year for the lighting industry, but after tuning into this year’s trade show, we’re blown away by what’s ahead. Although these technologies aren’t our core business (or items we’ll have in stock), we’re excited to see new breakthroughs in the lighting industry. It’s difficult to encompass the exciting revelations from CES, but we’re bursting with excitement to highlight a few of our favorites below:

Definity Digital Good Night Bulb
This NASA-inspired “biologically correct” LED light bulb helps you shift from fully awake to asleep (and back again) with by subtlety changing the light levels.

MiPow’s PlayBulb
A smart light bulb that includes Bluetooth speaker and an alarm clock all controlled by your smartphone—look for its release relatively soon. (See more in video below.)

SWITCH Infinia Dimmable LED Bulb
The important part of the SWITCH is its price point— a mere $10. (It’s a sign that dimmable, energy-efficient technology is becoming more affordable and available to a broader audience.)

Audi’s Sport Quattro Laser Light
Audi announced car headlamps that use laser diodes in a beam that reaches an up to one-third of a mile, and the company claims their new lights are three times brighter than standard LED beams. (See more in video below.)

Lumen TL800 Bluetooth Light Bulb
The Lumen TL800 looks to make a mark on the Bluetooth-controlled light bulb market. In addition to apps for Android and iOS, the TL800 includes a few different lighting modes, including one to sync with music.

What do you think was the most exciting lighting news to come out of CES2014? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us.

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