Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Save on Lighting in Your Business

Look around your place of business—whether it’s a classroom, office space, warehouse, or hospital, the lighting is essential. With some businesses using hundreds (or even thousands) of kilowatt hours per week, we understand that these costs can add up. At Bulb Direct, we love to save our customers money through bulk ordering and increasing the ROI of their bulbs, but we recognize there are a few other options to cutting down on energy use (and subsequent costs) in businesses.

One of the most helpful tools we’ve seen is an online lamp replacement tool from Sylvania. The lighting solutions brand allows users to plug in their current lamp (fluorescent, incandescent, tungsten halogen) by type, product code, watts, brightness, average rated life, and base type to find a more efficient and cost-effective replacement. These offerings show options for different standards of lighting options: meets minimum, classic light with 12 percent savings; good, classic light with 12 percent savings; better, 75 percent energy savings; and best, long life energy savings. Then, the user can click through the specific options to see what will cut their pocketbooks and the environment a little slack.

We also think it’s important to evaluate whether your actual lighting is fit for your operation. Obviously, our medical clients have very specific tools and lighting requirements, but those who are in an office or warehouse have more options. If possible, turn off the overhead lights and switch to task lighting with an LED or energy-efficient bulb. According to a study at the University at Albany, using an energy efficient task light instead of overhead light in their capacity could save more $20,000 per year—so we can only imagine how much our clients with similar applications could save.

At Bulb Direct, we know it’s all about increasing your ROI, which is why we take the steps to help your business. From light bulbs in a dental equipment to overhead desk lighting, Bulb Direct is your go-to source. We make it easy and cost-efficient—another step toward decreasing lighting costs. Give us a call at 1-800-772-5267 to see what we can do for your business.