Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Celebrating 25 Years of Bulb Direct

At Bulb Direct, we don’t believe in being shy about our age—we’re excited to celebrate our 25th birthday! For a quarter century, we’ve strived to deliver superior light bulbs to customers, and we have been met with many challenges and great success.

When we opened in 1988, there were only four employees—and two were husband and wife—so it’s safe to say we’ve grown up a little. In the beginning, we were mostly dealing with schools and businesses that used incandescent and halogen bulbs. But as time changed, so did the demand and manufacturers. Over the past 25 years, products have changed and evolved—whether microscopes, flash tubes, modeling lamps, or projectors, there’s been some type of change—and we’ve kept up to date with those changes. For example, some of those previously used halogen and incandescent bulbs, and now, they’re mainly using compact fluorescents and LEDs. We offer all these products to clients—although some still rely on “old school” light bulbs, and others require the newer versions. We’ve got it all.

We know there is a lot of variety in light bulbs, and it’s only going to keep evolving. As a small company, we have tried to set ourselves apart with excellent customer service.  If a customer calls in with one item they want, we’re able to give them that along with bulbs for other purposes, safety glasses, batteries, and other accessories they might need—we can do it all on one purchase order. Most clients find it’s easier to purchase many light bulbs at once than do many individual orders, which is why we’ve seen such success.

Regardless of how our clients or products evolved over the years, we’ve always been a privately owned company—no matter how big we grow or how busy we are, you’re not going to get a recording when you call our office. But just because we’re a small company, it doesn’t mean our offerings are small, quite the opposite. We offer more than 8,000 skus of light bulbs. If a customer wants a specific product, we’ll do the research and get it.

To celebrate our silver jubilee, we’re offering major savings on our website and showcasing the past 25 years of catalog covers on our Facebook page—let us know which cover is your favorite by “liking” it. 

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