Monday, March 4, 2013

Added Value with LED Lighting Services

With consumers just beginning to embrace the benefits of LED lighting (aided by continuing price reductions as the technology improves), and businesses a bit more ready to adopt the new technology, one company seeks to further revolutionize how lighting and illumination work. This article describes a startup called Digital Lumens that wants to bring both LEDs and the concept of intelligent lighting control into the mainstream. In addition to carrying out full replacements of a facility’s (like a factory or office) lighting infrastructure, the company will also develop and manage a logic-based lighting plan. This plan will be based around on-and-off hours, normal day and night cycles, as well as intelligent feedback from factors like drawn shades or closed doors.

The outstanding energy efficiency of LEDs, combined with this step-by-step management of energy usage, offers great potential for unparalleled energy savings. Under such a system, the capital investment in hardware (the LEDs), can pay itself back in two years, with a 90 percent savings after that period over the life of the agreement (the initial plan is for 15 – 20 year contracts). According to the article, Digital Lumens has been successful in raising capital so far, indicating that ever-fickle investors believe in the concept. Greener energy and lower bills – what’s not to like?

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