Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Full-Spectrum Lighting Keeps the S.A.D. Out

It’s become fairly common knowledge that what used to just be called the “winter blues” actually has a basis in biology. The feelings of tiredness, reluctance to go outside, and general “down” feeling are often caused by a physiological reaction to the shorter days of the colder months, called seasonal affective disorder, or S.A.D. There are several causes that may underlay the body’s response to this lack of sunlight: one might be a lack of sufficient Vitamin D, a nutrient provided by the sun’s UVB rays. Another may be the disruption of the body’s natural circadian rhythms, our internal clocks, and a subsequent imbalance in melatonin levels.

Both of these reasons can be targeted by one solution: full spectrum lamps and lightboxes. By mimicking the appearance and effects of bright sunlight, 30 to 60 minutes per day sitting near a full spectrum lightbox can help the body readjust its levels, lifting your mood in the process. Bulb Direct features a full selection of full spectrum lighting suitable for lightboxes or regular light fixtures – and remember, you don’t need to sit and stare at the light for the full hour. Just keeping the lamp in your workspace and turning it on occasionally provides everything the body needs to get back to normal. Read more in this Star Tribune article or Elk Grove Citizen article.

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