Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Model LED Replacement Bulbs Offer Warm, Natural Home Lighting

With the phase-out of the traditional incandescent light bulb coming soon, LED replacement bulbs are a lighting choice of the future. They are energy efficient, long lasting, and are becoming more affordable. So, why are so many people resisting the changeover? One reason may be that the first LED replacement bulbs gave off a colder, bluish light, which was not at all attractive in home lighting. But all of that is changing with the evolution of LED replacement bulbs, and the newer models have solved the color degradation issue.

Manufacturers have taken on the challenge of making an LED replacement bulb that will satisfy consumers on all points. The choices in LED lighting have greatly expanded with bulbs that will fit standard light sockets, and a wide range of light sizes suitable for every room in the house, as well as outdoor lighting. Bulbs available today are also brighter and come in a choice of color outputs. The warm white option gives off a light that is pleasing, and closer to, if not indistinguishable from, the light we are used to from an incandescent bulb. Without the color distortion, the LED bulb is becoming mainstream.  And, it fits the bill for energy consciousness while still giving off a light we can look good in. 

The LED is getting ready to move in. From bright white to warm white, bulbs are available for every lighting taste. Visit our homepage and check out the newest LED warm white replacement bulbs.


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