Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lighting the Way to Good Health

Bulb Direct can’t diagnose a sore throat or cure an ear infection, but we can give the doctor the right tools to light up the darkest places. Our complete line of medical and scientific replacement lamps include general lighting bulbs as well as specialty, miniature bulbs for examination equipment. As a full-service distributor of lighting, we carry a wide range of bulbs from major manufacturers, ensuring that we will have the bulb you need.

Our line of specialty bulbs is wide ranging. Specialized examination equipment such as ophthalmoscopes for eye exams, laryngoscopes for throat exams, endoscopes for upper GI tests, and otoscopes for ear exams, to name just a few, require very small and specialized replacement bulbs. You can be sure to find those in our stock too.  Dentists or dermatologists shouldn’t forget about us either! We carry bulbs for their specialized equipment as well.

Beyond specialty bulbs, our general lighting products also come into use in the medical industry: bulbs for overhead lighting fixtures will satisfy nearly any requirement of the medical community. We have bulbs for many types of equipment, including those designed to handle the workload of sensitive areas such as surgical suites. Many doctors rely on head lamps during examinations and surgeries and we have replacement bulbs for those items too. 

Carrying bulbs from all the major manufacturers enables Bulb Direct to be your one stop shipping distributor for all your replacement bulb needs. 

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