Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Product Spotlight: Ushio's LED Filament Lamps

One of our favorite new products here at Bulb Direct is Ushio’s LED filament lamp. It’s been exciting for us to see the continued evolution of both design and technology in the new generation of LED bulbs, and these bulbs perfectly embody that advancement. A typical complaint among consumers shopping for bulbs is that, while they want to enjoy the power savings and longer lifespan of an LED bulb, they simply can’t get used to the new bulb's different look, compared to their old bulbs.

Ushio’s new LED filament bulbs solve that problem, housing a filament-style LED in a decorative, candle shaped bulb. The difference between the old and new types of lamp is barely distinguishable, making these lamps perfect for decorative and ornamental applications like chandeliers and marquees. We’re proud to work with vendors like Ushio, that continue to innovate and expand their product lines to provide their customers, and ours, with exactly the types of bulbs that they need, without sacrificing form or function.

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  1. It's so nice to use such lamps because they use LED lights. It's more economical. I hope they also created emergency vehicle lights out of LED lights.