Monday, October 31, 2011

LEDs: Bringing Light to Life 2011: A Look at the Conference

The annual LEDs: Bringing Lighting to Life event occurred last week in San Diego, CA, and while we at Bulb Direct didn't attend this year’s conference, there was certainly plenty to be aware of. The conference’s agenda was full of interesting speakers and presentations, with some of the most important issues facing the growth of LED lighting being addressed. One of our leading suppliers, Osram, presented on the quality of LED lighting, an issue that has faced both suppliers and consumers as we negotiate the balance between energy and cost savings, and different levels of illumination than we might be used to.

Some of the more technical aspects of the industry were addressed as well, with speakers discussing lighting fixtures as related to evolving technology, and a presentation on maximizing efficiency through drive current. One of the most interesting opportunities was the chance to hear about LEDs in the medical industry, which is an area that Bulb Direct has been pleased to serve over the years. If any of our blog readers attended the conference, please post comments below with your thoughts and impressions – we look forward to hearing about it!

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