Monday, October 17, 2011

"The Mouse That Roared:" TCP, Inc.

Working with vendors large and small has allowed Bulb Direct to provide an unsurpassed selection of lighting products to our customers over the year. Not only in terms of breadth of choice, but also staying on the cutting edge of innovation in the industry. While not a household name like GE or Philips, TCP has been working on some of the most exciting new technology available today, and making quite a name for themselves in the process.

These articles describe some of TCP’s advances in CFL and LED lamps. Addressing two common issues with CFLs, their new line of TCP Lightstyles™ lamps uses microchip technology to provide smooth and precise dimming down to 2% - and with no flicker. They’ve also expanded their InstaBright™ line of quick-start CFLs. In addition, LEDs with 50,000 hour lifespans are on the horizon – these are lights that you could leave on for nearly 6 years, uninterrupted, and never have to change the bulb. They’ve even come up with a new line of energy-efficient incandescent, providing the same brightness at half the wattage. We’re lucky to be part of such an exciting industry that is changing all the time, and are pleased to be your bulb supplier and information source to stay up-to-date with everything.

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