Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Updates on the Ongoing Rare Earth Shortage

Here at Bulb Direct, we stay as up-to-date as possible on the rare earth quota situation in China, to learn all we can about possible alternatives for our light bulb customers in materials, supplies, and products.  Keeping informed on new developments also lets us help our customers in their planning and ordering process, and of course lets us know if there is an end in sight to the pricing issues with fluorescent bulbs.  Our new blog is also a great way for us to pass this information along directly to you!

This morning's article from Spend Matters brings up an interesting and optimistic fact: although China exports 95% of the world's rare earth supply, they only have 40% of the worldwide reserves, which leaves the door open for other nations to take advantage of their raw materials.  Recent articles suggest some leading contenders might be Australia, South Africa, and Hong Kong.  There are other methods of ingenuity at work as well: the U.S. Department of Energy is researching rare earth recycling at Ames Laboratory, and Osram Sylvania is developing a phosphor-optimized bulb with longer life and the most efficient use of phosphor.  Bulb Direct will be carrying the 24 inch and 36 inch, 17 and 25 watt models, as well as U-bends, of the fluorescent bulb described in the article.  Check our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for more updates, and stay tuned!

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